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We always strive for the highest peak of the goals our clients set.


Alex Maniatopoulos, CEO

Who we are


A mix of veterans in connectivity industry with a pool of talented IT engineers. We live and breathe technology composition that changes people’s lives. We deeply respect IoT developers as much as end-users and together we built an ecosystem to conquer new peaks.

What we do

We are technology orchestrators. The outcome of our work is today’s market most complete IoT Application Development Platform and a substantial marketplace of disruptive Platform Enabled Solutions.

/ 1
Ease of use


‘Drag & Drop’ workflow creation.

/ 2
Analytics and Dashboards


Interactive dashboards for mobile and desktop apps delivered in minutes.

/ 3
Off-the-shelf integrations


Device and network technology agnostic platform with more than 300 Off-the-shelf integrated systems.

/ 4
IoT Fog Gateway


Patented technology, portable to any edge computing system, supported by the workflow design tools of the platform.

/ 5
Proficient Computer Vision Technology


A.I. vision for real time area condition monitoring, standalone or combined with sensor technologies.

/ 6
Secure Device Management


Secure device monitoring and maintenance in multitenant systems.

Competence areas

We evolve a horizontal platform while we develop skills in verticals.

/ 1
Smart cities / Smart infrastructure


  • Smart Lighting
  • Waste Management
  • Smart Parking
  • Air Quality

/ 2
Smart Buildings


  • Facility Management
  • Integrated Energy Resource Mgmt
  • ‘Cloudization’ of PLC & Scada systems
  • Predictive Maintenance

/ 3


  • Computer Vision for in-store insights
  • Asset tracking

/ 4


  • Computer vision based ship performance monitoring

/ 5


  • Fleet health monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance

/ 6
Smart Home


  • Life style
  • Energy Management

Our value proposition

With sophisticated abstraction and user-friendly tools, we commit to deliver business intelligence with a self-evident return-on-investment model, by mitigating time, infrastructure cost barriers and complexity of IoT application development and deployment.


Alex Maniatopoulos



A wireless industry veteran with 20+ years of experience in general management and product line leadership. Alex has been the founder of three startups with significant impact in the IT industry.


Per Mårtensson

Operations & DevOps


A passionate expert is managing large scale IT projects for more than 20 years. He has been the co-founder of KomMed, the largest non-profit database in Scandinavia, IT manager in Nanoradio and Samsung delivering high quality solutions and services.


Nikos Kostis

Product Development


A proficient technical team leader with solid background on the development of commercial IT systems and management skills cultivated over the last 15 years of successful career in Motorola, Citrix, Nanoradio and Samsung.


Petros Vasileiou

Research & Architecture


Sky is not the limit for Petros’ ability to architect and supervise the development of sophisticated IT solutions. He has over 10 years of experience in wireless communication protocols and systems, computer vision, digital signal analysis and cloud computing among others.


Maria Drogouti

Finance Manager


An expert in finance administration of ‘born global’ companies! Maria is a creative, process-oriented executive with a master degree in corporate financing. She is a co-founder of Yodiwo.


Nikos Giannakakos

Business Development and Sales


An outcome-focused executive with many years, in the Telecoms sector and ICT sectors. Nikos lives and breathes for new business development, creation of strategic partnerships for the conceptualization, proposition and commercialization of Digital Products/Services in both the consumer retail and business spaces.


We are multi-awarded

We’re not in business for the awards but we’re thrilled when we win them

1st prize award in MIT Enterprise Forum Greece

1st award in European IoT contest organized by Microsoft

Gold metal for Yodigram in Bite Award 2017 (Business IT excellence).

Qualified to Top 12 (out of +400) finalists of Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2016.

National Winner in the 2017-18 European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business competition, sponsored by RSM.

Remarkable Partners and Customers

Our growth is built on quality, excellence and ethical business attitude

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