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A unique combination of legacy and modern technologies with interfaces that allow future integrations, guarantee continuous coverage of the full IoT spectrum.

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Introducing our platform

A versatile Internet of Things (IoT) Application Development Enablement Platform (ADEP) with a marketplace comprising solutions for Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Farming, Retail, Maritime, Fleet Management and other verticals.


With extensive use of modern technologies such as edge computing, computer vision, machine learning and data analytics, a complete set of tools for device management, workflow creation and sophisticated dashboard layout for desktop and mobile applications, Yodiwo’s customers benefit from Platform Enabled IoT Solutions and a single environment for end-to-end IoT application development.

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Colourful and vibrant visualizations are created without coding. Effortlessly, analytics scale to any screen and can be embedded to your website or mobile app.

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Cyan makes the life of IoT developers easy by offering a visual IoT application development environment and full device management capabilities.

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The brain of Yodiwo’s IoT ecosystem which orchestrates and bridges your digital world: devices, analytics, storage systems, third party cloud services or platforms and more.

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Either as a Software installed in your edge computing system or as an IoT Gateway device from Yodiwo, it brings the power of Alcyone at the edge.


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Demanding workflow development is simplified on Cyan using drag and drop without missing the power of coding.

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Improves end user experience thanks to Emerald, a dynamic and constantly upgraded Dashboard creator.

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Expedites workflow development for cloud-centric applications with edge computing systems that use Wisper cloud agent.

/ 4

Minimizes the cost of installation for retrofitting, using off-the-shelf network devices that fit any application budget.

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The patented backend architecture of Alcyone guarantees unlimited scalability and expandability.

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Offers an all-in-one system by integrating device management, user grouping, dashboard and application sharing in a multi-tenancy environment.

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Completely sandboxed staging and production environments; automatically migrate between the two.

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Our cloud or your premises? Choice is yours!

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Secure and simple device on-boarding that supports bi-directional communication over any known industry standard protocol such as MQTT, REST, HTTP(s), WebSockets, etc.

/ 10

Fine-grained throttling, quota control and access revocation.

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Get real-time notifications on the platform of your choice, including Skype, Facebook Messenger, Pushover, SMS, etc.

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Integrate everything!

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Your multi-age infrastructure is worth a revive! Out of the box support for ModBus, BACnet, KNX, MBus, 1-wire and countless others as well as computer vision, bridge PLCs, well-functioning old sensors and gauges with the cloud.

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Already have parts of it in other platforms? Seamlessly transform Azure, AWS, Bluemix, IMPACT IoT hubs into 1st class citizens of your overall Yodiwo project.

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How about full ecosystems? Nest and Smart Things and Alexa and the next big thing are just Yodiwo Things with our proxies.

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Enjoy mobility and broad coverage of LTE/NB-IoT with the use of Cyan and Emerald for your mobile and web applications.

Which WPLAN?

Well, all obviously

Set-up your private LoRaWAN and our In-house Network Server supports OTAA and ABP provisioning, bidirectional communication and seamless integration with Cyan’s codeless workflow creation. You literally only need to point your LoRa gateway towards us!


Already use a 3rdparty Network Provider? We support out-of-the-box integration with TalkPool and Everynet, Senet & Senra, Comsol LoRaWAN Network operators. Not seeing yours here? Ask us to integrate with the NS of your choice!


Sigfox ready! Just use the wizard and see your groups and devices automatically sync and be ready to use -bidirectionally! – within seconds, enjoying the same level of codeless workflow creation and integration as anything else.


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