Either as a Software installed in your edge computing system or as an IoT Gateway device from Yodiwo, it brings the power of Alcyone at the edge.

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A Key Differentiator

Yodiwo’s patented Edge Computing technology

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Privacy and Security with Edge computing, without sending and storing sensitive data to the cloud.

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Zero response time on events that need immediate actuation

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Local storage to prevent data loss in case of temporary internet outages.

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Significant operating cost saving by minimizing the transactions with the back-end systems.

Hardware DNA

Yodiwo’s IoT AEP

A modular SW can convert almost every connected device with a CPU to a cloud bridge for itself or neighboring devices.


If the connected device is powerful enough, then it can play the role of a ‘local cloud’ (Fog), forming a distributed system with Alcyone and offering invaluable characteristics to your end application.

Platform components

‘Cloudify’ more than 300 legacy and modern devices’ technologies

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Unlimited expandability

Power at the edge

For your IoT application, whether on your device or on ours

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Provide information for your edge device and we will supply the right cloud Software Agent.

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Do you need an off-the-shelf IoT gateway for your applications but cannot find it?

Trust Yodiwo

Describe your needs to your Yodiwo contact and we will provide you with the best, certified and modular gateway for your industrial or consumer application.


Yodiwo cooperates with selected OEM GW manufacturers and provides the best industrial and consumer Wisper Pro enabled powerful gateways.


Wisper Pro for industrial IoT

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The IoT FoG Gateway by Yodiwo

  • SoC – Broadcom BCM2837 quad core Cortex A53 processor with VideoCore IV GPU
  • System Memory – 1GB LPDDR2 RAM
  • Storage – 4GB eMMC flash, 256 byte EEPROM
  • RTC with integrated battery, User-controlled button, User-controlled LED
  • Sensor – SHT21 temperature and humidity sensor
  • Power supply – 5VDC via micro USB connector; 24V DC / 24V AC via screw terminals
  • Dimensions – 155 x 86 x 58 mm


  • 10/100M Ethernet port, optional Wifi 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz
  • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz
  • Optional LoRaWAN radio module for either Gateway operation (8-channels) or Device operation (bidirectional communication with LoRa network servers).
    Available at 433MHz/868MHz/915MHZ
    Yodiwo’s own Network Server can optionally be integrated into Wisper Pro as well
  • Serial – RS485 serial port, RS232 serial debug port
  • USB – 2x USB 2.0 host ports
  • Debugging / Programming – 1x micro USB OTG


  • 6x digital inputs via screw terminals (for dry contacts or S0 interface)
  • 4x analog inputs (0-5V) via screw terminals
  • Dallas 1-wire bus via screw terminals
  • 1x RJ14 connector for I2C bus peripherals
  • 1x XBee module compatible connector for ZigBee and other RF modules
  • 3x expansion headers with additional GPIO, SPI and I2C bus connections

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