Sustainable and scalable infrastructure management capability.


A new standard for smart city type implementations.

Smart city solutions


Many underlying infrastructures can be to a certain extent or scale monitored, managed and optimized. When looking however at the needs at a scale (districts, cities) management challenges start to become evident.

The problem

Current solutions still operate predominantly as siloed interventions that also operate on proprietary standards, creating vendor lock-in and interoperability issues. Even at small geographical scales, infrastructure owners and operators are faced with significant sustainability, efficiency and management problems.

The solution

Our intelligent IoT based smart city management solution technology offers a sustainable and scalable infrastructure management capability, becoming a new standard for smart city type implementations.

/ 1


Interconnect (over multiple types of communication interfaces) and integrate systems and assets of the city at scale.

/ 2
Interactive visualization


Provide customizable visualization tools and interactive dashboards to communicate information to various effectively.

/ 3


Multiple application domains are supported under on main environment.

Smart City Functional Domains Covered


Environmental monitoring


Integrate to any smart building management solution.

Yodiwo Waste Management - Isometric Design


Waste management


A fully stacked and vertically integrated smart waste bin management.

Yodiwo Smart Parking - Isometric Design


Smart parking


Real time remote parking space and site monitoring.

Yodiwo Smart Parking - Isometric Design


Smart lighting


Tune street lights to adjust dynamically to weather, time of day and usage patterns.

Why choose our smart city solution


Whether is it implemented for cities, municipalities or large organizations, our smart city solutions can transform assets and infrastructures into intelligent and integral parts of the business and operations fabric, in a manner that is tailored to end user needs.

Yodiwo enabled benefits

/ 1

Significant customization and future expand ability potential (evolve with customer needs, future proof investment).

/ 2

Unparalleled implementation flexibility and vendor independence (no vendor lock-in, based on open standards).

/ 3

Underlying platforms (ISP’s, Device management, connectivity, etc.).

/ 4

Communication infrastructure (powerline, LoRa, NB-IoT, etc.).

/ 5

Devices (manufacturer, type, mix).

/ 6

Easy integration with 3rd party services, existing legacy systems where possible (prolonging existing investments).

/ 7

Tailored to fit customer needs.

/ 8

Cost effective and low time to market by utilizing pre-existing integrations (technologies, services, devices).

/ 9

The solution model allows for a flexible (staged) adoption process to cater for diverse stakeholder needs.

/ 10

Exploit synergies with other smart city domain solutions (traffic, lighting, environmental, etc.).

/ 11

Cloud or hosted based deployment models are supported.


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